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Lecture notes on Beams, Shear force and bending moment diagram
By Prof S S Chauhan, Mechanical Engineering, IEC College, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Beam: is a structural member subjected to a system of external forces at right angles to axis.

Types of Beams
1- Cantilever beam: fixed or built-in at one end while it's other end is free.

2- Freely or simply supported beam: the ends of a beam are made to freely rest on supports.

3- Built-in or fixed beam: the beam is fixed at both ends.

4- Continuous beam: a beam which is provided with more than two supports.

5- Overhanging beam: a beam which has part of the loaded beam extends outside the supports.

Statically Determinate Beams
Cantilever, simply supported, overhanging beams are statically determinate beams as the reactions of these beams at their supports can be determined by the use of equations of static equilibrium and the reactions are independent of the deformation of the beam. There are two unknowns only.

Statically Indeterminate Beams
Fixed and continuous beams are statically indeterminate beams as the reactions at supports cannot be determined by the use of equations of static equilibrium. There are more than two unknown.

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