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CAT 2007 Analysis

CAT 2007 followed the exact pattern of CAT 2006. In all there were 75 Questions divided in 3 sections of 25 questions each. There were 5 options and each question carried 4 marks for correct answer and negative score of 1 for incorrect answer. The first section was Quantitative Ability, followed by Data Interpretation and the last section was Verbal Ability.

Quantitative Ability (Section I)

Quantitative Ability (Quant) had just 25 questions like CAT 2006. But what was different this year was the difficulty level. It was the most difficult of all in CAT 2007 sections and was quite impossible to solve all of them in 50 minutes. However, there were still few easily answerable questions interspersed across the section. Identifying and solving these questions was the key to success in this section.

Algebra and Arithmetic comprised almost 60% of the questions while Geometry took a back seat. Modern Math questions were relatively less time-consuming but required clarity in fundamental concepts. Data Sufficiency questions appeared in this section after a long time. Some of them were also quite tough and confusing.

Cut-off was estimated to be around 32-38 per cent for most of the IIMs in Quant.

Data Interpretation (Section II)

Data Interpretation (DI) was comparatively easier section of CAT 2007. The stress was on logic rather than mere calculations.

This section had 21 DI questions and 4 Data Sufficiency (DS) questions. DS questions were easy as mere comprehension was sufficient to answer the question. These questions should have been given the first preference while attempting this section.

All the sets in Data Interpretation were based on simple or intensive calculation. One needed a fair level of comprehension and reasoning ability before proceeding to perform the relevant calculations.

Cut-off was estimated to be around 42-50 per cent for most of the IIMs in DI.

Verbal Ability (Section III)

CAT 2007 Verbal Ability section had 4 RCs (with 3 questions each) as compared to 3 (with 5 questions each) in CAT 2006. Passages were fairly short, and except for one passage, quite easy to read. The questions ranged from very simple and direct to challenging and inferential ones.

Grammar, Jumbled paragraphs and Vocabulary were re-introduced in CAT 2007. Complete the Theme questions were the only familiar construct.

Overall, this section was of medium difficulty and slightly easier than CAT 2006. A student with good language concepts and reading skills should not have faced any insurmountable difficulties here.

Cut-off was estimated to be around 40 - 46 per cent in the Verbal Ability.
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