For an air-conditioning plant above 300 ton, which one of the following system would normally be preferred?
Option (A)
Ammonia reciprocating compressor
Option (B)
Centrifugal chiller
Absorption refrigeration system
Hermetic compressor
Correct Option:
Question Solution:
Reciprocating compressor:
The reciprocating compressors are available in size as small as ½ kW which are used in small domestic refrigerator and up to about 150 kW (42.857 tons) for large capacity installation
Centrifugal compressor:
The centrifugal compressor are especially adapted for system ranging from 50 to 500 tones
This type of construction is generally used for small capacity refrigerating systems as hollowed refrigerator or small capacity coolers
The vapour absorption system can be built in capacity well above 1000 tones of refrigeration each which is the largest size for single compressor units