Council of boards of school education

COBSE or " the Council of Boards of School education in India" is the apex association of all the Boards of school education in India. All states of India have at least one Board of school education dealing with secondary and senior secondary education, examination and prescription of curriculum and teaching - learning materials. Since education in India is on the concurrent list, the state as well as central government is responsible for the management of school education in India. This is why COBSE has been set up as the central and nodal agency to ensure the collaboration of boards for improvement in the quality of school education. 


COBSE ensures this collaboration through a number of means. For one, it provides a platform for mutual consultation. It organizes periodic meetings of the board officials from all over the country. It also provides academic support to member boards for maintenance and improvement of educational standards through curriculum - planning, developing curriculum, teaching – learning material, evaluation etc.

COBSE is headed by a president with a general secretary as its chief executive. It has six zonal chapters, viz. central, western, southern, northern and north eastern. For carrying out its functions COBSE works in close cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the government of India.

There are more than 127,000 secondary / senior secondary schools in India. If any initiative has to be taken to bring about the changes in the area of curriculum development, teaching/learning process, examination reform, etc, the Board of school education have to provide leadership.

Council of Boards of School Education in India (COBSE) provides a common platform for mutual consultation for reinforcing the quality of school education.

COBSE was created in 1979. It is an apex body of all the boards/councils of secondary / senior education in the country. It was registered by CBSE under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 in 1979 to provide academic support to its member-boards on setting and maintenance of educational standards, curriculum planning, developing curriculum material, evaluation etc. In fact, the main objective of COBSE is to take steps to improve the quality of school education in collaboration with its member-boards.

COBSE provides academic support to its member Boards on:

1. Setting and maintenance of educational standards.
2. Curriculum planning
3. Preparation of Curriculum materials and transaction
4. Evaluation in Schools
5. Public examinations

COBSE also offers consultancy to other educational agencies, organizations and institutions in the above areas. Official website of COBSE: