Engineers vs Scientists

Engineers V/S Scientist
J.P. Agarwal, HOD ECE Dept., G.I.T. Jaipur, Rajasthan

An Engineer is a person who is professionally engaged in the field of engineering. Engineers are concerned with developing economical and safe solutions to practical problems by applying mathematics & scientific knowledge.

The term "Engineer" is also used to describe a technician or a person that mends & operates machinery or engines.

Engineers apply principles of science & mathematics to develop economical solutions to technical problems. Their work is the link between scientific discoveries & the commercial applications that meets societal & consumer needs.

Engineers typically enter the occupation with a bachelor's degree in an engineering specialty. Scientist quest for "truth for his own sake ". Scientist explains the change in viscosity of a liquid as its temperature is varied, the release of heat when water vapour condenses & reproductive process of plants. Engineer applies those explanation & understandings into improved machines, technologies & processes to bring reality to ideas & to provide solution to societal needs.

Creativity is perhaps that attribute which more than anything else has brought humans from humble height origins to the dizzy technological heights of today. The story of science & technology was written by these visionaries who dare to think differently & allowed man to harness nature. Engineers have the solemns responsibility on their shoulders to push back the frontiers to the possible lengths.Engineers are required to challenge conventiones constantly & apply innovative ideas to reach perfection.

Engineering is subject that manage from large collaboration to small individual project. By its very nature engineering is bounded by society & human behaviour. Engineering design is a very powerful tool to make change to environment society & economies & its a great responsibility . By this we mean engineering is a key driver of human devolwepment.

Its a very popular saying by Therdore Von Karman. that " Scientists study the world as is ; engineers create the world that has never been."

There exist an overlap b/w the scientists & engineering practice, in engineering one applies science but still it is different from science. Scientiest try to understand nature while engineers make things which don't exist in nature. Engineer sterns invention. To embody an invention the engineer must put his idea in concrete terms & design something that can be a driven a material, a gadget and much more.

Thus in short an engineer is a person who uses the avilable resourses in the natural environment and develops things for future generation so that they could meet their ever growing needs.