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Hi All,
GATE TUTOR is back with program, "Knowing the best method of study for post engineering examination"
Most of us complain that they had put a lot of effort in studies but still did not get desired results. While the study material is almost same, the difference lies in the effective ways of utilizing the time and effort. As each individual is different, there is no set formula for best practices.
I have setup a program to help students understand how to prepare.
How it works
1) I selected 50 students across India on the basis of different methods of exam preparation
2) We asked these candidates different questions which are very important before starting preparation for any Exam
3) Different responses from participants are posted and are ready for discussions
Who will reply your queries in discussion forum -- me, selected 50 candidates, you and other professors will reply and we will come to a common conclusion
So lets sharpen our axe before we cut tree

Questions under discussion

Ques 1: How do you select books? Do you refer single book or multiple books for some topic?
Click here to see response

Ques 2: How many hours you study daily? Do you prepare your time table, if yes, then how honestly you follow it?
Click here to see response

Ques 3: If you prepare notes, explain how you benefit from notes. Your method of making notes.
Click here to see response

Ques 4: Do you do group study, mention details like number of persons in your group, how do you divide responsibilities among all, give benefits and losses of group studies?
Click here to see response

Ques 5: How do you judge your preparation is proper or not?
Click here to see response

Ques 6: How do you plan reading book(sequence of chapters/topics etc)
Click here to see response

Ques 7: How do you check if your understanding of chapter is proper or not or you don't check? What do you do if you face some difficulty in book or can't understand some part?
Click here to see response

Ques 8: How do you plan to cover syllabus, any particular order. Do you discuss your friends, teacher, old papers etc before making plan? What if you think you can't cover syllabus? Do you feel covering syllabus is necessary, give reasons?
Click here to see response

Ques 9: What do you do while studying book to make sure that second reading or revision is fast enough? Your way to remember things studied earlier? How do you plan revision of syllabus?
Click here to see response

Ques 10: What sources of study material do you follow (Other than regular text books.)?
Click here to see response

Ques 11: How do you attempt paper or exam? Do most of time you think you could not attempt paper properly (planning or time lacked)? Your strategy in examination hall? What helped you in deciding strategy?
Click here to see response

Ques 12: Do you have exam phobia? Where do you perform well, in actual exam, mock tests or at home?
Click here to see response

Ques 13: Explain your smart steps; if you think you don't do smart preparations then mention your weak points. Mention how your steps reduce your efforts or save time?
Click here to see response

Ques 14: Do you feel you have good concentration while studying? What do you do to maintain concentration or improve concentration?
Click here to see response

Ques 15: What do you feel you are slow reader or fast reader, explain your reading habits
Click here to see response

Ques 16: As per you what is the role of coaching institutes- Do you think coaching is necessary for exams, especially competitive exams? What do you do to make your coaching efficient (e.g. regular study after class, study before your class, any other)?
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Ques 17: Do you use some test series, mock test to check your preparation
Click here to see response

Ques 18: Do you discuss topics with friends to discuss how effective is your preparation?
Click here to see response

Ques 19: What do you do if you feel your preparation is not proper? Do you get tensed when exams are near? How do you overcome this?
Click here to see response

Ques 20: Some aspects of your personality which affect your exam preparation (points below will help you in writing answer, you can add more points as per your wish)
Click here to see response

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