The flash chamber in single stage simple vapour compression cycle
Option (A)
Increases the refrigerating effect
Option (B)
Decreases the refrigerating effect
Increases the work of compression
Has no effect on refrigerating effect
Correct Option:
Question Solution:
The use of flash chamber has no effect on the thermodynamics cycle. The only effect resulting from the use of flash chamber is the reduction in the mass of refrigerant flowing through the evaporator and hence the reduction in the size of evaporator
Simple saturation cycle with flash chamber

Heat taken by the flash chamber = heat given out by the flash chamber
Þ m@h4 = m1hf4 + (m2-m1)h1
m1 = m2[(h1-h4)/(h1-hf4)]=m2[(h1-hf4)/(h1-hf4)]
\ RE = m1(h1-hf3)and work dine in compressor W = m2 (h2-h1)
COP = RE/W = (h1-hf3)/h2-h1)= (h1-h4)/(h2-h1)