Which of the following force are measured directly by strain gauges or force dynamometers during metal cutting
1. Force exerted by the tool on the chip acting normally to the tool face
2. Horizontal cutting force exerted by the tool on the work piece
3. Frictional resistance of the tool against the chip flow acting along the tool face
4. Vertical force which helps in holding the tool in position
Option (A)
1 and 3
Option (B)
2 and 4
1 and 4
2 and 3
Correct Option:
Question Solution:

The tangential force and axial component along the tool is measured. For any cutting process it is desirable to measure the three force components in a set of rectangular coordinates. While measuring these three force, the dynamometer should be so designed that force in x-direction should give no reading in y and z-directions, i.e., there be no cross-sensitivity