For a heat pump working on vapour compression cycle, enthalpy value of the working fluid at the end of heat addition process, at the end of compression process, at the end of heat rejection process, and at the end of isenthalpic expansion process are 195 kJ/kg, 210 kJ/kg and 90 kJ/kg respectively. The mass flow rate is 0.5 kg/s. Then the heating capacity of heat pump is, nearly
Option (A)
7.5 kW
Option (B)
45 kW
52.5 kW
60 kW
Correct Option:
Question Solution:

h1 = 195 K
h2 = 210 KJ/kg
h3 = 90 KJ/kg
h4 = 90 KJ/kg
Desired effect (h2-h3)m = (210-90) x 0.5
= 120 x 0.5 = 60kW