Use of Study Notes

Should I prepare notes even for exams? How to prepare good notes?

Notes making is a very good practice. It has many advantages like

1) By writing you remember more
2) I improves your understanding of topic
3) Fastest and smartest way of revising your subject

- Make notes short and concise
- Maintain formulas, short-cuts and tips/tricks in notes
- Every field of study has its own vocabulary, so identify words and terms used to represent specific concepts. Maintain them in your notes.
- Sometimes objective questions can be used to test your ability to distinguish concepts, ideas, theories, events, facts from each other. Construct diagrams, charts, tables or lists to summarize relationships

To create notes people use different approaches –

Linear notes: Method where you write neat notes by making some heading, sub heading etc Pattern notes: Using more of flow charts or flow diagram to mention about the topic rather then linear text Mixed approach: A good combination of Linear notes and patter notes. How to divide is individual’s choice.

One more fact I wish to emphasis is to write notes so that even others can understand them. This is not because you are making notes for others but because

- I had seen many students fail to understand even their own notes say after 3-4 months
- If you are doing group studies then exchanging notes will save a lot of time.