Hydrogen is essential in an Electrolux refrigeration system, because
Option (A)
It acts as a catalyst in the evaporator
Option (B)
The reaction between hydrogen and ammonia is endothermic in evaporator and exothermic in absorber
It cooled hydrogen leaving the heat exchanger cools the refrigerant entering the evaporator
It helps in maintaining a low partial pressure for the evaporating ammonia
Correct Option:
Question Solution:
The three fluids used in this system are ammonia, hydrogen and water. The ammonia is used as a refrigerant
The water is used as a solvent because it has the ability to absorb ammonia readily Due to the presence of H2 in the low side of the system, the pressure of NH3 will be below that of BH3 on the condenser side thus, the NH3 can the evaporate at low pressure the (temperature) which H2 takes no part in the process except to supply its partial pressure to maintain the balance the cycle operates on the principle of Daltons law where PNH3 + PH2 = constant