IES Recommended Books

Mechanical Engineering

1. Thermodynamics - Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach by Yunus A Cengel; Michael A Boles

2. Thermodynamics - Engineering Thermodynamics by PK Nag

3. Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery - A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines by Dr. R.K. Bansal

4. Power Plant - Fundamentals of Compressible Flow by S. M. Yahya And Gas Turbines And Propulsive Systems by P R Khajuria, S P Dubey

5. IC Engines - Internal Combustion Engines by Ganesan

6. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by C P Arora

7. Heat Transfer - Heat Transfer (In SI Units) by JP Hollman

8. Renewable Sources of Energy - Introduction to Renewable Energy By Vaughn C. Nelson

9. Theory of Machines - Theory of MACHINES by RS Khurmi and GK Gupta

10. Mechanics of Materials (Strength of Materials) - Mechanics of Materials by Punamia

11. Machine Design - Design of Machine Elements: by V B Bhandari

12. Industrial Engineering and Management by O P Khanna

13. Materials Science And Engineering by I P Singh

14. Manufacturing Science by Amitabha Ghosh

15. Vibrations - Mechanical Vibrations by G K Grover 

16. Mechatronics and Robotics  - Mechatronics : Principles and Applications By Godfrey Onwubolu


Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering

1. Network Analysis: Van Valkenburg
2. Network and Systems: D. Roy Choudhary
3. Integrated Electronics: Jacob Milman & C. Halkias, Millman & Grabel
4. Integrated Circuits: K.R. Botkar
5. Op. Amps & Linear Integrated Circuit: Gayakwad
6. Digital Logic & Computer Design: Moris Mano
7. Signals and System: Oppehum, Willsky & Nacob
8. Automatic Control System: Benjamin C. Kuo
9. Control System Engineering: Nagrath & Gopal
10. Principle of Communication System: Taub & Schilling
11. Communication System: A. Bruu Carlson
12. Electromagnetic Waves & Radiating Systems: Jardon & Balmain, JD Kraus 


Electrical Engineering
1 .Network Analysis: Van Valkenburg
2. Electromagnetic: Willain H. Hayt
3. Electrical Machinery: PS Bhimra
4. Electrical Machines: Nagrath & Kothari
5. Power System Engineering: Nagrath & Kothari
6. Electric Power Systems: CL Wadhwa
7. Automatic Control System: Benjamin C. Kuo
8. Control System Engineering: Nagrath & Gopal
9. Electrical & Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation: AK Sawhney
10. Integrated Electronics: Milman & Halkias, Millma & Grobel
11. Digital Logic & Computer Design: Morris Mano
12. Power Electronics: PS Bhimra


Civil Engineering
1. Strength of Materials: Gere & Temoshenko, B C Punamia
2. Structural Analysis: Negi, S Ramamurtham, C K Vang
3. Concrete Structures: Punamia & Jain, H J Shah
4. Steel Structures: Duggal
5. Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering: Ranjan & Rao, Venkat Ramaiha, S K Garg
6. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics: Modi & Seth, R K Bansal, Subramanyam
7. Hydrology: Subramanyam
8. Irrigation: S K Garg
9. Highway Engineering: Khanna & Jasto, Kadiyali