In a mechanical shaper, the length of stroke is increases by
Option (A)
Increasing the center distance of bull gear and crank pin
Option (B)
Decreases the center distance of bull gear and crank pin
increasing the length of the ram
Decreasing length of the slot in the slotted lever
Correct Option:
Question Solution:
Shaper makes use of a single point tool that transverse the work and feed once at the end of each stroke. Since amount of metal removed at one time is relatively small in area, therefore little pressure is imposed upon work and elaborate holding fixtures are not needed. Shaper is very well suited for contour work which is done by coordinating the tool hand feed to a layout line or by a duplicating attachment placed on machine like deep internal slot and difficult contours
It occupies less space, consumes less power, cost less, occupies less floor area is easier to operate and about three times quicker in action. It gets its drive from the quick return mechanism which makes it run faster while returning and slower while cutting. The size varying from 175 to 900 mm stroke
The length of stroke can be increased by increasing the centre distance of bull gear and crank pin