The power transmitted by a belt is dependent on the centrifugal effect in the belt. The maximum power can be transmitted when the centrifugal tension is:
Option (A)
1/3 of tension (T1) on the tight side
Option (B)
1/3 of total tension (T1) on the tight side
1/3 of the tension (T2) on the slack side
1/3 of sum of tension T1 and T2 i.e., 1/3 (T1+T 2)
Correct Option:
Question Solution:
P = (F1 - F2)v
P = F1 { 1-(1/(F1/F2))}v = F1 (1-e-mq)v
P = (Ft1 - Fc)v (1-e-mq)
(dp/dV) = 0 (\ Fe = mv2)
Ft1 - 3mV2 = 0
Ft1 = 3Fc
Fc = (Ft1/3)
(1/3) of total tension on tight side