If a is the rake angle of the cutting tool, Æ is the shear angle and V is the cutting velocity, then the velocity of chip sliding along the shear plane is given by
Option (A)
V cos a / cos (Æ - a)
Option (B)
V sin a / cos (Æ - a)
V cos a / sin (Æ - a)
V sin a / sin (Æ - a)
Correct Option:
Question Solution:

From constant volume Vc = Chip velocity tc = Chip thickness
V.t – Vc. Tc width remaining constant (t / tc) = r = (Vc/V) V = Cutting velocity t = uncut chip thickness from sine formula
(Vc / sin Æ) = (Vs / sin(90 - a) = (V / sin(90 + a - Æ))
\ Vc = (V sin Æ / cos(Æ - a))