The spigot of a cotter joint has a diameter of D and carries a slot for cotter. The permissible crushing stress is x times the permissible tensile stress for the material of spigot where x > 1. The joint carries an axial load P. Which one of the following equations will give the diameter of the spigot?
Option (A)
Option (B)
Correct Option:
Question Solution:
sc = xst
P = Dtsc
[Failure of spigot in tension]
Equate (i) and (ii)
tDx. st = {(p/4)D2 -Dt}st
t = (pD / 4(x+1))
P = D.( pD / 4(x + 1)) st
P = D2.(p/4).{x / (x+1)}. st