Theoretical maximum C.O.P. of a vapour absorption system (where, TG = generator temp, TE = evaporator temp, T0 = environmental temp) is
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Neglecting the heat due to pump work (QP) we have, according to first law of thermodynamics
Q0 = QG + QE .......(1)
Since the vapour absorption system can be considered as a perfectly reversible system, therefore the initial entropy of the system must be equal to the entropy of the system after the change in its condition.
(QG/TG) + (QE/TE) = (Q0/T0) = {(QG+QE) / T0} .........(ii)
Þ QG{(1/TG)-(1/T0)} = QE{(1/T0)-(1/TE)}
\ QG = QE {(T0-TE) / TE} {TG / (TG-T0)}
(COP)max = (QE/QG)
= (TE/TG){(TG-T0)/(T0-TE)}.