Consider a three-phase, 50Hz, 11kV distribution system. Each of the conductors is suspended by an insulator string having two identical porcelain insulators. The self capacitance of the insulator is 5 times the shunt capacitance between the link and the ground, as shown in the figure. The voltage across the two insulators is

Option (A)
e1 = 3.74kV, e2 = 2.61kV
Option (B)
e1 = 3.46kV, e2 = 2.89kV
e1 = 6.0kV, e2 = 4.23kV
e1= 5.5kV, e2 = 5.5kV
Correct Option:
Question Solution:
e1(w.5C) = e2 (w.5C) + e2 (wC) Þ 5e1 = 6e2